How to Shop the Route 11 Yard Crawl

When you head out to shop the Route 11 Yard Crawl, you’ll want to keep some tips in mind:

1. Safety – there are a lot of people on foot and in vehicles, looking at yardsales – and occasionally the road. Be alert for pedestrians or vehicles working in and out of traffic patterns.

2. Yard Sale Density – Look for flea markets, or other large areas that regularly have vendors. They often have a special day for temporary vendors that rent spaces. Vendor counts can double in these areas on the day of the crawl.

3. Between the towns – Not all excitement is contained to the towns. You’ll often be able to cover more distance quicker by starting at the edge of a town and working towards the next town. Yard sales are more spread out, but traffic is also (slightly) lighter.

4. Stay Hydrated and Fed! – All along the Route 11 corridor, you’ll find people, businesses and non-profits selling food and drink. Be sure to take a break while shopping.

5. Drive a roomy vehicle – Traffic may prevent making frequent trips to and from your house(if you are local) and it’s important to have plenty of room for larger bargains you might find.

6. Tie it Down – If you find a bargain on something large, plan ahead to tie it down. Secure your purchase so it doesn’t get damaged or cause injury.